Chad Johnson is one of the performers at Saturday's event. (Courtesy/ Chad Johnson)

Clifford Eiffler had been enjoying the local comedy scene from afar for a year before he decided to bring the laughs to his own backyard. Literally.

On Saturday, he’s hosting a comedy show behind his northeast Salem home. Ten comedians from around the area will perform 8- to 10-minute routines under an arbor draped in string lights.

It’s an idea he saw on Instagram a couple months ago.

He thought “that’s definitely appealing to folks and I said: ‘why not me.’”


Eiffler grew up in Salem but moved as a teenager. He never felt there was much to do here, but when he moved back as an adult he was drawn to the budding comedy scene.

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Eiffler is a self-proclaimed comedy nerd. He has a group chat with his two coworkers to keep each other apprised of the comedies they’re watching.  

The coworkers, one lives in Wilsonville, the other in Beaverton, helped Eiffler plan the backyard comedy show.

The largest event he’s hosted in his backyard so far was a 10-person baby shower. He hopes to have 50 on Saturday and is taking a day off work to make sure everything gets set up properly at his house.

Planning the show involved hunting down YouTube videos of local comedians and determining who would make a good fit for the show.

The show will be hosted by Dashiell Thompson and features Emma Jonas, Zach Chappell, Chad Johnson, Jason Ratten, Kyle Adams, Jesse Whitehead, Chadhurst Sharpe, Keith Hemmingway, Jaren George, and Jason Davis.

He invited friends and family, and posted about the show on social media, but has no idea how many people will actually show up.

Eiffler said the backyard — wide open and inviting — is more of a festive atmosphere than a comedy club. There won’t be bartenders there, but people can bring their own alcoholic beverages.

Doors — Eiffler’s backyard gate — will open at 6 p.m. and the show will start an hour later. His house is at 2680 Englewood Ave. N.E.

Tickets cost $7 and can be purchased online. Eiffler said the money goes toward paying the comedians.

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