Subscription Policies and Help



Salem Reporter offers you two choices – a monthly or annual subscription. 

BENEFITS: What do I get with a paid subscription?

As a valued subscriber, you will get our morning and afternoon newsletters during the week, delivered by email. These provide you some of our latest headlines. You get around-the-clock access to all stories on our website so you can check in no matter where you are or the time of day. In the event of major news developments, you will also get our breaking news alerts by email.


For your convenience, paid subscription accounts are set up to automatically renew at the end of each cycle, whether a monthly or annual subscription. That way, you never miss a moment of Salem’s important news. You can discontinue automatic renewals by going into your account online and canceling the subscription. It will end at the end of your current subscription period.


To cancel your subscription, go into your account online, to Account → Subscribe or manage payment. You can change your status there. The subscription will end at the expiration of your current subscription period. Please note that “unsubscribing” from newsletters you receive from us only ends those newsletters and does not affect your subscription.

REFUNDS: What is your policy?

Salem Reporter provides no refund on an unused portion of a monthly subscription. Refunds on a paid annual subscription can be provided on a pro rata basis.

MULTIPLE USERS: Can there be multiple users on a subscription?

Our subscription system is organized and managed entirely by your email address. That is, in essence, your “account number” with Salem Reporter. That means only those with access to that email have access to your subscription. Multiple emails on a single subscription aren’t possible.

CREDIT CARDS: How do I update my account information?

This is easy and takes but a moment and is secure.

  1. Go to our website click ‘Account’ then ‘My Account’.
  2. Click ‘Manage Subscription’
  3. Click ‘Update Payment Method’
  4. Add your new card information (it will be stored securely).
  5. Delete your old card.
  6. Click again ‘Update payment method’

Password issues: How do I reset my password?

If you have your current password:

Go to your account by clicking on the round Salem Reporter logo on the bottom right of our site), click into “EditProfile.” Then, click the pencil icon to the right of the password field. You’ll need your current password to create a new one.

If you don’t have your current password:

In the login screen, below the password entry form, you’ll see a paragraph that begins “Forgot your password?” Click on “Reset your password” and our system will send you a link to reset your password and get you back into your subscription.

MULTIPLE DEVICES: Can I read my subscription anywhere?

Yes, you certainly can. For security purposes, our system requires a one-time login on each device or browser you want to use. Once you have logged in, you should remain logged in.

EMAIL ADDRESS: How do I change the one on my account?

  1. Login to your account on the Salem Reporter website
  2. Click on the circle/logo at the lower right of the home page.
  3. Click on “EDIT PROFILE.”
  4. Click on the pencil icon to the right of the email address.
  5. Enter new email address in the window that opens.
  6. Click “Update email.”

NEWSLETTERS MISSING: Why am I not getting your newsletters?

If you see any of those emails in your spam, or junk mail, folder, it might be because you need to safelist their addresses.This article has instructions for safelisting addresses in most common email programs.

If that fix doesn’t work, you might have unsubscribed by mistake. To fix this, click into the account management screen (you can access this by clicking on the round Salem Reporter logo on the bottom right of our site) and click on “Manage Newsletters.” You can check there to see which newsletters you’re subscribed to, and adjust your preferences.