Advertise With Us

We keep it simple and clear. Salem Reporter provides one form of advertising – the Marketplace ad. The Marketplace is intended to keep a business name in front of readers 24 hours a day, seven days a week so when they are ready to act, they know who to turn to.

Each ad features one graphic image, a headline and an embedded link to take readers to the website of the advertiser’s choice. Content can be changed at any time. Each Marketplace rotates on the home page of Salem Reporter and then on stories that readers open. Every business gets equal access. 

Easy terms

Marketplace ads are a flat $100 per 7-day week, billable monthly. There is no contract, no minimum, no complicated pricing. You know your cost at all times. Ads get in front of thousands of Salem readers – people who have a keen interest in quality local news.

QUESTIONS? WANT TO START YOUR AD? Contact: CEO Les Zaitz: [email protected]

Contact us to order: [email protected]