Selma Pierce, candidate for House District 20. (Courtesy of Selma Pierce).

Republican Selma Pierce has announced that she’s seeking a rematch against state Rep. Paul Evans, a Monmouth Democrat.

The 2018 race between Pierce and Evans to represent the House District 20 seat, which includes Salem’s western and southern flanks, was particularly bruising, marked by accusations from Pierce that Evans had committed prolific campaign finance violations and should be court-martialed for a novel he published in 2006.

Evans responded with a campaign video from his dog’s perspective on the campaign trail. The video highlighted Evans’ work on jobs, education, health care and veterans' issues.

“Since the last election, no new solutions have been offered to help the people in HD 20,” said Pierce in a Dec. 17 statement announcing her candidacy. “There needs to be a different approach. I will focus on the continuing problems of improving our students’ education, reducing the homeless problem, having adequate infrastructure, and being supportive of small businesses.”

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In the statement, Pierce, a retired dentist, described herself as a “community advocate” who has worked to “support children, education, and providing services to those in need.” She also highlighted how her mother immigrated from China and how her viewpoint would be “invaluable in today’s Oregon as our state’s demographics are rapidly changing.”

Of the district’s 47,171 voters, 33% are registered Democrats to 29% registered as Republicans.

Evans, who was first elected to the Oregon House in 2014, has already filed to run for reelection next year. According to the most recent campaign filings, Evans has a $16,226 cash balance. Pierce has a cash balance of $7,621.

Kevin Chambers, a Republican who ran unsuccessfully for the seat in 2018, has also filed to run again. He has a cash balance of $512.

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