They came to Salem from around Oregon, unhappy with policies and politics

A woman holds a sign that reads: “Stop the climate change commies,” during a rally against cap and trade legislation. (Saphara Harrell/Salem Reporter) SALEM — They are blue-collar workers but they carried views from the “red” parts of Oregon Thursday. They were raising their voices in protest against legislative proposals[Read More…]

With air horn blasts, over a thousand big rigs and lots of camo hats, rural Oregon makes its voice heard

A rally and protest unfold in Salem on Thursday, Feb. 6. Timber Unity spent months organizing the latest display of objection to plans for environmental legislation seen as damaging to rural areas of Oregon. (Sam Stites/Oregon Capital Bureau) Just before 5 a.m. Thursday, U.S. Highway 26 in Washington County was[Read More…]

Elections division says Oregon’s electoral process is secure

U.S. Attorney Billy Williams addresses the media regarding cyber and disinformation threats to the security of Oregon’s electoral process during a press conference at the Oregon Capitol Tuesday, Feb. 4. (Sam Stites/Oregon Capital Bureau) The state’s top elections official wants voters to know Oregon is doing everything possible to ensure[Read More…]

Oregon Republicans and Democrats at odds over intent of legislative short session

Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick, D-Portland, discusses the 2020 legislative session with reporters. (Jake Thomas/Salem Reporter) SALEM — You could say that Oregon is a bit “odd.” Until 2012, the state’s legislators only met in odd-numbered years, a practice dating to 1885.  But the sessions got longer as lawmakers grappled[Read More…]