Oregon Supreme Court won’t clear way for voters to consider campaign finance limits

The Oregon Supreme Court Building (Amanda Loman/Salem Reporter) The Oregon Supreme Court on Friday rejected a last-ditch effort to have voters decide whether to limit campaign contributions to those running for public office.  Proponents of three proposed ballot initiatives had sought the high court’s intervention to be sure the measures[Read More…]

Budget plan would aid low-income Oregonians and help with housing, child care, job training

Democrats have advanced a $1.4 billion budget that includes affordable housing, education, health care and other priorities. (Ron Cooper/Oregon Capital Chronicle) New state spending designed to improve the lives of Oregonians by helping thousands of homeless residents obtain shelter, providing access to clean water in small, rural towns and enabling[Read More…]

Farmworker overtime bill passes Oregon House

A farmworker in eastern Oregon (Yadira Lopez/Malheur Enterprise) The House passed a proposal Tuesday that would require overtime pay for farmworkers. House Bill 4002 would phase in time-and-a-half pay over five years while paying farmers tax credits over six years to cushion the cost of the new pay. “If we don’t[Read More…]

Oregon lawmakers looking to make child care more affordable, available

Preschool students play in a Salem-Keizer classroom (Rachel Alexander/Salem Reporter) As Portland resident Jasmine Casanova-Dean spoke to legislators at a hearing about child care last week, her 67-year-old grandmother watched her 2-year-old daughter in another room.  Casanova-Dean can only afford professional child care two days a week, so every other[Read More…]