Salem schools cap audience at 50% capacity for music, theater events

Students sing during a Unified Musical Theater performance at Judson Middle School on Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021. (Amanda Loman/Salem Reporter)

In a change to Covid protocols, audiences for school music and theater performances will now be capped at half capacity, the Salem-Keizer School District said.

The announcement late last week is one of several district officials taken during the omicron wave of Covid infections to limit the number of people at school events without stopping sports, performing arts or other extracurricular activities at local schools.

The change is intended to allow for more space between audience members in theaters and auditoriums.

Existing district rules require students to wear masks in class and while rehearsing for band, choir and theater performances, unless the student plays a wind instrument. Students do not need to wear masks while performing.

District officials on Jan. 11. limited the number of spectators allowed per student at indoor basketball games, and wrestling and swim meets.

-Rachel Alexander