Cherriots will resume collecting fares next month

People get on a Cherriots bus downtown in pre-pandemic times. (Caleb Wolf/Special to Salem Reporter)

In another sign things are getting back to normal, it will no longer be free to ride the bus in Salem. 

Cherriots, Salem’s mass transit service, has announced that it will begin collecting fares starting Tuesday, July 6. Riders will also be boarding through the front door and paying at the farebox. Last March, Cherriots stopped collecting fares and instructed riders to enter the back entrance as a public health precaution. 

Beginning Monday, June 28, Cherriots will open customer service, located at 220 High St. N.E., where riders can purchase passes. 

The unused portion of 30-day passes purchased last year can be redeemed at customer service for credit on new passes. Cash refunds won’t be given. 

However, the customer service lobby won’t be open for riders to wait for the bus (they can still use the bathroom). Masks will still be required and seating limited. More information can be found on a FAQ page published by Cherriots.

-Jake Thomas