YOUR QUESTIONS: How can in-home spread of Covid be prevented?

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Salem Reporter turned to various experts to find out answers to questions from readers ranging from how many people are asymptomatic to who can get tested. The Marion County Health Department, Oregon Health Authority and Salem Health all participated by responding to the community’s questions. We are featuring a question a day to share the information.

Q: Assuming that you’re positive/presumptive and quarantining, are there best practices to prevent in-home spread? Do we know yet whether home AC is a likely vector?

A: Because of the nature of the virus, air conditioning and HVAC systems are not believed to be a route of transmission. When isolating in a home with others, it is important to stay at least six feet away at all times. Ideally, the individual who tested positive would be able to isolate in their own room and have a separate bathroom from others in the home. All frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. If possible, ask a family member to leave meals outside the bedroom door to prevent in-person contact.

 – Katrina Rothenberger, director, Marion County Public Health 

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