YOUR QUESTIONS: Can you get the virus again if you had it once?

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Salem Reporter turned to various experts to find out answers to questions from readers ranging from how many people are asymptomatic to who can get tested. The Marion County Health Department, Oregon Health Authority and Salem Health all participated by responding to the community’s questions. We are featuring a question a day to share the information.

Q: There have been stories of people getting it twice. Are they really getting infected twice or is it a testing issue? If they are infected twice does that stop the opportunity to build herd immunity?

A: It’s too early to know. Scientists and doctors haven’t had much time to study the virus, and are learning more everyday. We do not know of a case of someone getting the virus twice in Marion County, however there is little evidence to suggest that individuals can or cannot get the virus multiple times. If someone has the virus and recovers, they should continue to take the same preventive measures as everyone else by wearing a face covering, physically distancing, and staying home if they are sick.

– Katrina Rothenberger, director, Marion County Public Health

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