PHOTO: ‘Naturally, in Salem’ will feature outdoor scenes from around the area

A bald eagle settles into a nest building site on Minto Island in south Salem. The nesting eagle population has increased recently in the Willamette Valley. (John Svendsen/Special to Salem Reporter)

Editor’s note: At Salem Reporter, we’re keenly aware that the drumbeat of news from the national level on down is heavy with grim stories and economic uncertainty. To give you a brief respite, we’re adding yet another new feature, a photography series we’re calling “Naturally, in Salem.” This will feature the work of Salem photographers Ron Cooper, a veteran photojournalist helping Salem Reporter cover the crisis, and John Svendsen. We hope you enjoy this and more photos to come in the days ahead. Let us know what you think with an email to me at [email protected].

Les Zaitz, editor