School board wants to hear from you about proposed Salem-Keizer boundary changes

The Salem-Keizer School Board is seeking comments about a plan to change school boundaries that would affect thousands of students and families.

The new boundaries, together with ongoing school construction, are designed to address overcrowding based on population projections and would take effect next school year. Families can seek an exemption if the changes would send their child to a new school.

The bulk of the changes would impact schools that feed into North Salem, McKay and South Salem high schools.

Eyre and Four Corners elementary schools would move into the South Salem high school boundary, while Hoover Elementary would move from South to North.

Hallman and Washington elementary schools would move into the North Salem boundary from McKay.

The board will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the district’s Support Services Center, 2575 Commercial Street S.E., to review the final plan and hear comments. A board vote on the plan is scheduled for a Feb. 12 meeting.

Comments can also be submitted in writing to the board secretary, Alice Struckmeier, at [email protected], or to any individual board member.

The district has an overview of the changes on its website. Proposed changes are listed below by school.


These schools would send graduates to a different middle or high school. Many of these schools would also see boundary adjustments.

Battle Creek Elementary School

All students would go to Judson Middle School, rather than some attending Crossler Middle School.

Eyre Elementary School

Students would continue to Houck Middle School, but then to South Salem High, rather than North Salem.

Four Corners Elementary School

Students would continue to Houck Middle School, but then to South Salem High, rather than North Salem.

Hoover Elementary School

All students would continue to attend Parrish Middle School but will then continue on to North Salem High School. Currently, Hoover students end up at either McKay or South Salem.

Kennedy Elementary School

More Kennedy students would attend Whiteaker Middle School. Currently, only 5 percent of graduates to go Whiteaker; the rest go to Claggett Creek Middle School. That would change to 25 percent attending Whiteaker.

Scott Elementary School

All Scott students would go on to Waldo Middle School, then McKay High School. Previously, the school sent 10 percent of graduates to Stephens.

Sumpter Elementary School

All students would now attend Crossler Middle School, rather than being split between Crossler and Judson.

Washington Elementary School

Students would still attend Waldo Middle School, but then go on to North Salem High, rather than McKay.

Houck Middle School

The school would split, sending 55 percent of its graduates to North Salem and the rest to South Salem.

Parrish Middle School

Rather than being split between North Salem, South Salem and McKay, all Parrish students would go on to North Salem High.

Waldo Middle School

Rather than feeding only into McKay High School, 35 percent of Waldo graduates would attend North Salem High School.


Auburn Elementary School

Bush Elementary School

Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Clear Lake Elementary School

Cummings Elementary School

Forest Ridge Elementary School

Gubser Elementary School

Hammond Elementary School

Hayesville Elementary School

Kalapuya Elementary School

Keizer Elementary School

Lamb Elementary School

McKinley Elementary School

Morningside Elementary School

Myers Elementary School

Swegle Elementary School

Yoshikai Elementary School


Claggett Creek Middle School

Crossler Middle School

Judson Middle School

Stephens Middle School

Whiteaker Middle School


These schools would have the same boundaries, and graduates would attend the same middle and high schools they currently do.

Brush College Elementary School

Candalaria Elementary School

Chapman Hill Elementary School

Englewood Elementary School

Grant Elementary School

Hallman Elementary School

Harritt Elementary School

Highland Elementary School

Lee Elementary School

Liberty Elementary School

Miller Elementary School

Pringle Elementary School

Richmond Elementary School

Salem Heights Elementary School

Schirle Elementary School

Weddle Elementary School

Wright Elementary School

Leslie Middle School

Straub Middle School

Walker Middle School

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