See how your Salem-Keizer school did on state tests

Kindergarten students at Swegle Elementary play with blocks on the first day of school, 2018. (Rachel Alexander/Salem Reporter)

Oregon’s latest standardized test results were a mixed bag. Statewide, the percentage of students meeting state standards was nearly flat in English, math and science.

In Salem, student results and changes from last year varied significantly from school to school.

At the high school level, a greater percentage of Salem-Keizer juniors met standards in English and math than the state average. Among the six traditional high schools, North Salem had the lowest percentage of students passing, and Sprague had the highest.

By middle school, Salem schools on average are close to or exceeding Oregon’s passing rate for math and English. But there’s wide variation among individual schools.

Elementary school results vary widely between schools, with a district average below Oregon as a whole.

Elementary students are tested in English and math in third, fourth and fifth grade. This chart shows only 5th grade results.