The second Dallas-based child welfare worker accused of having sex in front of a minor is no longer employed by the state, Salem Reporter has learned.

Kate Guy is gone from the state Department of Human Services, an agency spokesman said Wednesday. Spokesman Jake Sunderland declined to say whether she quit or was fired.

Guy and Mark Walsh, a supervisor at the office, landed on paid administrative leave in November after allegedly having sex at a Dallas hotel in the same room as a child under state supervision. The allegations emerged in March after a lawyer representing the child filed a tort claim.

The boy woke to what was happening, was threatened and told not to tell what he had seen, according to the tort claim. The claim said he was then moved to a juvenile detention facility.


Walsh quit June 28.

According to Sunderland, the two were on medical leave until June 26. Despite Walsh's resignation, Guy remained employed, though she was her paid leave became unpaid June 29.

The two worked out of the Dallas field office. The Department of Human Services is tasked caring for the most vulnerable populations in the state, including children removed from their parents for abuse or neglect.

Their boss, Stacey Daeschner, had also been on paid leave since February. Sunderland told Salem Reporter that Daeschner's leave was not related to Walsh or Guy. Her leave ended June 24 and she was transferred to the agency's headquarters in Salem.

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