State hospital embroiled in contempt proceedings for not admitting mentally ill people court-ordered to get treatment

Attorneys have brought nearly a dozen contempt of court proceedings against Oregon State Hospital in the last three years, arguing hospital officials didn’t admit people with mental illnesses to get treatment ordered by judges. In four instances, judges found the hospital and Oregon Health Authority, its parent agency, in contempt[Read More…]

Oregon will be flush in money to dramatically expand broadband – but that’s not happening soon

Dozens of households and businesses in Cave Junction got high-speed internet, thanks to money from the CARES Act. (Illinois Valley Data Center) Oregon will reap at least $100 million to expand broadband services to homes and businesses throughout the state from the new infrastructure bill passed by Congress. The money[Read More…]

Democrats in Oregon delegation applaud infrastructure passage, lone Republican silent

Much of Oregon’s Congressional delegation sees nothing but good news for the state in the passage of the federal infrastructure legislation. The U.S. House on Friday passed the $1.2 trillion package to fix roads, airports, railways and broadband across the country. The state’s four Democrat representatives voted for the Infrastructure[Read More…]