Q&A: Republican candidates in 6th Congressional District primary

Four Republicans are running in the primary for Congressional District 6, which is Oregon’s newest, created in 2022 based on the Census.

The district includes Polk and Yamhill counties, as well as parts of Marion, Clackamas and Washington counties. Unaffiliated voters make up the largest share of registered voters, at 38%, followed by Democrats at 30% and Republicans at 25%, according to the Secretary of State’s Office.

The district is competitive, with current U.S. Rep. Andrea Salinas winning in 2022 by 2.5% against Republican Mike Erickson. He’s running again along with three other Republicans: David Burch, Conrad Herold and David Russ.

Whoever wins the primaries will face off in November. To help readers decide, we sent all the candidates the same five questions. We’ve published the responses from Salinas, the only Democrat who returned our questionnaire. On the Republican side, David Burch did not respond, but we’re publishing the others. 

Here are their answers.

Q. Why are you running to represent Congressional District 6?


Because we deserve better policymakers, people who won’t unquestionably toe the partisan line because they were told to do so. Their voice is not being represented by the current Representative. My opponent voted against a common-sense anti-crime bill – the Laken Riley Act – it is disheartening and reaffirms that we need a better leader.


I am running to represent Congressional district 6 because our so called Representative is not that. She is not A Representative of and for Oregon’s people. She represents the Biden administration and their destructive anti American philosophy and actions. Rep Salinas was at a City club of Salem I attended where only “” members”” could ask questions.  When the allotted time expired. The Rep who had been seated the entire meeting, got up and almost ran for the elevator. No chance for me to ” redress my grievances before my government ” or “my” Representative. The sum of my answers to all questions should describe me in detail and my political philosophy.


We need strong and experienced leadership. We can not afford to have an inexperienced representative at this point in history. Current events also show that we can not depend on an  elite candidate from outside of our congressional district to serve the needs of our families and businesses.  

I am the only candidate for Oregon Congressional District 6 that has experience as an elected official. My work as mayor has earned endorsements from local and leaders who work with me.

As a resident and small business owner within Oregon’s 6th Congressional District, I know that small business is not just the “backbone” of District 6, it is the heart and soul of our district. Small businesses line the streets of our towns and are the farms that provide income, jobs and food to our communities. My longtime experience as a small business leader, and owner, gives me a clear understanding of the day-to-day needs and issues of our small businesses. 

This experience has proven to be invaluable in my service as mayor of Dundee and has resulted in continuous cost savings and higher-quality projects and services for the city. For over 40 years, my friends and family have asked me to run for Congress because they acknowledge my aptitude for negotiating and my understanding of the constitution and federal issues. I decided it was time to stand up and use the abilities I have to fight for this nation and for you.

Q. What in your background makes you the best candidate for this job?


The voters will decide who the best candidate is for this job.

After years of teenage rebellion, I attempted to throw away moral and spiritual training my family had instilled in me by the time I graduated Tigard High, 1970. Early schooling in Billings, Montana: grades one to six Catholic primary school, St. Pious Xth; seventh grade, Lewis and Clark and Lincoln Junior High; eighth grade, Fratt Memorial; ninth grade, Billings Central High School, 10th, 11th and fall quarter of 12th, Billings Senior High, 1969. Graduated Tigard High, 1970.

Five rudimentary aspects of my education stand out. First, Intensive phonics first and second grade. Comprehensive reinforcement of phonics in third grade. Second, one year of Latin in ninth grade. The phonics helped “decode the written word;” Latin broke open multiple language roots of many common words originating in other languages – especially the Germanic. Third,  2 1/2 yrs of vocational agricultural enabled(a) firm grasp of basic journalism. Serving as the Yellowstone County chapter reporter of The FFA – Future Farmers of America. Submitted 1968 scrapbook to state competition; placed second. Submitted 1969 scrapbook and placed first. Won many personal awards during the 2 1/25 yrs in FFA. Fourth,  at Tigard High my study of electronics augmented my study of electrical from VoAg days in Billings. Finally my study of BUSINESS LAW was one of the greatest realizations of my knowledge of the WESTERN CIVILIZATION: the RULE OF LAW.


I started my business in my home and grew into one of the fastest growing companies in our state. I learned how to stay within a budget as my business grew. I work with individuals from all walks of life, making me receptive to how people view our world. I have worked with clients across the globe, having a good understanding of global impacts. This will afford me the opportunity to break congressional gridlock and work across party lines to find meaningful solutions.


I am a “patriot servant leader.” That means: 

  • I love this country as founded and will lay my life down for it. 
  • When I take a position as an elected official I (do) so to serve you. Not to enrich my life, my family nor my business.
  • I am a leader and have been my entire adult life. I have led real estate, manufacturing, retail and consulting companies, and volunteer organizations for over 35 years. 

This work has given me a strong understanding of the day-to-day operational workings of most businesses and government agencies. Being a corporate executive has also continuously exposed me to government compliance, contract negotiations and legal litigation. I will use this knowledge to guide my input and decisions on legislation and government programs. There is no other candidate for Congressional District 6 that has the experience to serve you with this depth and breadth of experience and knows the day to day workings of ORCD6.

In addition to business knowledge and experience, I have served as an elected official for the city of Dundee, Oregon for over 10 years. Nine years of that service has been as mayor of the city of Dundee. During this period, I have ushered in more economic growth and infrastructure improvements than any previous mayor of Dundee. Over the next few years, the plans I have set in motion for the city will leave no question that Dundee is the crown jewel of Yamhill County.

Q. What are the top three issues you plan to focus on and why?


Before I address the “top issues,” I believe that there is something more important you need to know. That is my morals, ethics and the decision-making process I will use when working and voting on legislation in Washington D.C. I could just give you three issues, but those issues may, or may not, come across my desk while I am in D.C. I believe it is more important for you to know how I will view all things that cross my desk as your representative. Not just what I think on three issues.

To that I say, “My three highest priorities are God, the Constitution and you.” To clarify, I am not a religious zealot. I will not try to legislate my God into the laws of this nation. However, God guides my ethics, morality and decision-making. The Constitution will be “the law” that I will reference when considering any legislation. The bills I present, and my voting will always be weighed against the law that is our Constitution. Finally, there is you. But you are not really last. By putting my primary focus on God and the Constitution, I am bound morally, ethically and by the laws of God and man to serve you. This actually brings “you” back to the top of the list.


My top three issues are: fixing the southern border, growing our economy and fighting inflation and supporting law enforcement. The current border situation is not sustainable. It is a national security issue that threatens Americans, legal immigrants, and asylum seekers. High inflation continues to strain pocketbooks. Stemming from a variety of factors such as high spending and supply chain issues, my background has prepared me to tackle this complex issue. And police officers are not getting the support they need. It is a fact that officers are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty, an indictment of the status quo. This must be addressed with federal dollars dedicated to mental health, physical wellness and peer support.


The idea of a divided House is intrinsic to the discussion of any issue. Truth has the tendency to divide when it is forthrightly discussed. In logic there is also only two side to the “equation.” Drawing from the logical, realistic, reasonable, historical narrative of history and the philosophies both pagan/heathen,  philosophies and tenets of the world’s great religions – it should possible to derive some form of intelligible truth from the plethora mass of the experiences of the WESTERN CIVILIZATION of whom the constitutional republic known as the United States of America derives it founding truths.

Q. You are likely to serve in a divided House. How do you plan to approach that? 


The idea of a divided House is intrinsic to the discussion of any issue. Truth has the tendency to divide when it is forthrightly discussed. In logic there is also only two side to the “equation.” Drawing from the logical, realistic, reasonable, historical narrative of history and the philosophies both pagan/heathen,  philosophies and tenets of the world’s great religions – it should possible to derive some form of intelligible truth from the plethora mass of the experiences of the WESTERN CIVILIZATION of whom the constitutional republic known as the United States of America derives it founding truths.


By appealing to common threads that motivate legislators to solve problems. I will work with legislators across the aisle to work on issues of concern to all Americans.


Simply, “as the strong negotiator I have always been.” For too many years, our conservative representatives have basically started all conversations from a position of giving up half of your rights. They then gave up more in the negotiations and came back to you claiming victory because they did not give up all of your rights (or money). This is NOT negotiating, it is giving in with a cherry on top. Adding further injury to injury, these false conservatives return to the table in the next session and give up half of what little you have left. We have reached the point in many issues where this has been done so many times that you have nothing left to give up. This happens because people have fallen for the smoke and mirrors of the uniparty establishment politicians.

I am always willing to come to mutual agreements and work with others to find creative pragmatic solutions. However, I will never start a negotiation from a position of giving up anything you are entitled to by the Constitution for the United States of America, and I definitely will not give up more when the starting position is one of loss for you.

To counter the past damage I will present legislation to restore your constitutional rights, create roadblocks to the future infringement of your rights and stop administrative federal agencies from creating regulations that have the force of law and/or monetary penalties without the authorization of Congress.

Q. What are three goals you would like to accomplish by the end of your term?


1) Be part of the coalition to secure the southern border. 2) Make the necessary policy decisions to help bring down inflation and interest rates so middle income earners can breathe again. 3) Support stronger law enforcement legislation honoring our officers and supporting their wellness.


The border and immigration: These issues are too closely related to consider separately.  We have experienced an invasion at our southern border. We need to stop the flow of immigrants across our borders, and severely limit all immigration until we can deal with the issues that will arise from having 12-20 million unvetted immigrants surge across our border.  RussIsForUS.com/immigration

Budget, inflation, national debt: Attempting to solve any of these issues without considering the other two is a futile effort. We need to reel in the budget which will slow both inflation and the national debt. National Debt is created when U.S. dollars (or goods) are sent out of the country without receiving any value in return. Stopping the wasteful practice of sending hundreds of billions of dollars to other countries would be a great step in the right direction.  

Constituent education:  We would not be where we are politically today if constituents were more aware of the issues and involved in their own governance. We need to rise up for everyone’s right to participate in their governance and ensure that our cities and local boards are not dominated nor overrun by tyranny or any specific ideology. To facilitate that, I will seek to create programs that help encourage and facilitate constituent education and involvement at the local level. When you are involved, your community is better. That makes your county, state and nation better.


I would like to help enact legislation that would in effect revoke the concept of sanctuary states as in effect in Oregon. This law enacted in Oregon in 1987 (House Bill 2314) prevents very rigorous enforcement against any lawbreaker who is an illegal alien/resident of Oregon. Approximately,  in 2018 citizen initiative petition #105  was circulated in order to revoke the sanctuary state status of the state of Oregon. It failed, even though an earlier citizen initiative to prevent automatic issuance of driver’s license passed. Along with Biden administration open Mexican border, perhaps more legislation is needed to prevent the trafficking of drugs, women, children across our USA southern border – as well as Oregon’s  border.

In my opinion and observation of history since the Communist Revolution of 1917 and with implantation of Marxism in our USA education system by John Dewey in 1929, we are seeing an attempted coup d’etat in contemporary AMERICA!!! 

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