AGENDA: Marion County commissioners consider funds for water system improvements, septic fee increases

The Marion County Board of Commissioners meets Wednesday to consider contracts with the cities of Aurora and Jefferson to provide sheriff’s office patrol, as well as federal pandemic relief funding for water and sanitation projects in a dozen cities.


The board will consider increasing the county fees property owners pay for septic work to continue providing the current level of staffing for the on-site wastewater program over the next three years, supporting three employees. The fees would increase annually in July through 2024, according to a proposed schedule.

Commissioners will also consider approving a $213,100 contract with the city of Aurora for one full-time Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputy to patrol the city through June 2023.

They will consider a $396,650 contract with the city of Jefferson to provide law enforcement patrol in the city through June 2023.

The board will consider approving federal pandemic relief funding for several projects focused on water and sanitation in cities throughout Marion County:

-Aumsville, $1 million to update the city’s wastewater treatment system

-Donald, $1 million for two new drinking wells

-Gates, $1 million for water system improvements

Gervais, $1 million for a wastewater water pump station and aerating sewer pipes

-Hubbard, $1 million for water system improvements

-Jefferson, $450,000 for a water treatment plant project

-Mill City, $1 million for water and sewer infrastructure improvements

-Mt. Angel, $450,000 to double the capacity of the Marquam Sanitary Sewer Truck Line

-St. Paul, $1 million for a water and sewer system improvement project

-Stayton, $500,000 for building a 30-inch sanitary sewer pipe on Ida Street 

-Sublimity, $1 million for water system improvements

-Turner, $200,000 for a booster pump station; $450,000 for a water integration study to resolve storm drain flooding on Denver, Chicago and Boise Streets.

Commissioners will consider revising the bylaws for the Marion County Public Safety Coordinating Council to say that members are expected to attend meetings, and lack of attendance may result in termination. The 32-member council advises the board of commissioners and includes public safety, education, social services, civic and business leaders, as well as representatives from law enforcement, prosecution, community corrections, public defense, judiciary, domestic violence services, public health and juvenile justice. The previous language said more than five unexcused absences in a year may result in a member’s removal from the council.

Meeting details: The commissioners meet at 9 a.m. Wednesday in the Senator Hearing Room at 555 Court Street N.E. Anyone can sign up to give public comment in-person at the meeting. The meeting is streamed live on YouTube

-Ardeshir Tabrizian