Ferry tolls to increase in Marion County

The Wheatland ferry crosses the Willamette River on a sunny day. (Courtesy/Marion County)

It’ll get a little more expensive for some vehicles in Marion County to cross the Willamette River using a ferry next month. 

Beginning March 15, the toll to use the Wheatland ferry for vehicles less than 22 feet in length will increase by a dollar to $3. 

The toll for vehicles between 22 feet and 42 feet long will rise from $4 to $6 at the Wheatland ferry. At the Buena Vista ferry, it’ll increase by a dollar to $6.

The fee for vehicles longer than 42 feet will rise from $6 to $9 at the Wheatland ferry. It’ll remain $9 at the Buena Vista ferry. 

Tolls for bicycles will remain at $1 for each ferry and pedestrians will continue to ride for free. At the Buena Vista ferry, tolls for motorcycles will remain at $2 and vehicles under 22 feet will remain at $3. 

The Wheatland Ferry crosses the river north of Keizer, and the new rates will mostly match fees in place at the Buena Vista ferry.

According to a county press release, the toll increases won’t make the ferry program profitable but are instead intended to keep losses manageable and the cost for commuters low. This will be the first rate increase for the Wheatland ferry in 12 years. 

-Jake Thomas