Cherriots tells riders to expect service disruptions

Cherriots said its focused on keeping its core network running after experiencing staffing shortages because of coronavirus closures. (Courtesy/Cherriots)

For now, Salem’s transit service is running all of its bus routes, but Cherriots warned riders there could be route closures next week.

Spokeswoman Patricia Feeny said the transit directors at Cherriots are meeting to determine what resources they have to keep buses operating and which routes would be least impacted if they were taken offline.

So far, there haven’t been any disruptions but the agency wants its users to be prepared.

Feeny said many of Cherriots’ drivers are parents who will be impacted by statewide school closures, which could cause a staffing shortage at the agency.

She said Cherriots is focused on keeping the core network going.

“We’re just not sure what this is going to look like at the moment, but we’re preparing for it,” Feeny said.

This story will be updated.