Chronic absenteeism: see how Salem-Keizer schools stack up

(Graphic by Rachel Alexander/Salem Reporter)

As school kicks off, Salem schools are trying to reduce student absenteeism. Students who miss 10 percent or more of school are less likely to graduate on time, and districts across the country are looking at improving attendance as a way to improve graduation rates.

Across Salem, students in high school miss more school than their younger peers, and the absenteeism rate increases in each grade of high school. But there’s substantial variation between neighborhoods. North Salem High School, and the schools feeding into it, have some of the highest absenteeism rates in the district.

Here’s how every school stacks up.

Chronic absenteeism rates by school, 2016-17

Salem Keizer Public Schools: 27.9 percent or 11,117 students

Auburn Elementary School: 29.2 percent or 189 students

Battle Creek Elementary School: 20.4 percent or 116 students

Brush College Elementary School: 11 percent or 29 students

Bush Elementary School: 31 percent or 88 students

Candalaria Elementary School: 13.4 percent or 45 students

Cesar E Chavez Elementary School: 21.1 percent or 117 students

Chapman Hill Elementary School: 16.5 percent or 65 students

Claggett Creek Middle School: 26.3 percent or 240 students

Clear Lake Elementary School: 15.7 percent or 65 students

Crossler Middle School: 22.2 percent or 163 students

Cummings Elementary School: 18.2 percent or 77 students

Early College High School: 12.4 percent or 23 students

Englewood Elementary School: 17.2 percent or 62 students

Eyre Elementary School: 25.3 percent or 139 students

Forest Ridge Elementary School: 16.6 percent or 40 students

Four Corners Elementary School: 26.6 percent or 137 students

Grant Community School: 28.3 percent or 117 students

Gubser Elementary School: 23.5 percent or 125 students

Hallman Elementary School: 20.6 percent or 74 students

Hammond Elementary School: 14.7 percent or 72 students

Harritt Elementary School: 15.4 percent or 75 students

Hayesville Elementary School: 23.8 percent or 95 students

Highland Elementary School: 30.9 percent or 117 students

Hoover Elementary School: 22.9 percent or 102 students

Houck Middle School: 26.7 percent or 258 students

Howard Street Charter School: 7.6 percent or 12 students

Jane Goodall Environmental Middle Charter School: 17.7 percent or 17 students

Judson Middle School: 23.8 percent or 220 students

Kalapuya Elementary School: 12.7 percent or 74 students

Keizer Elementary School: 17.8 percent or 115 students

Kennedy Elementary School: 18.2 percent or 80 students

Lamb Elementary School: 16.5 percent or 77 students

Lee Elementary School: 19.1 percent or 57 students

Leslie Middle School: 26.8 percent or 196 students

Liberty Elementary School: 18.7 percent or 70 students

McKay High School: 48.4 percent or 1050 students

McKinley Elementary School: 17.5 percent or 59 students

McNary High School: 41.6 percent or 775 students

Miller Elementary School: 21.9 percent or 89 students

Morningside Elementary School: 20.3 percent or 75 students

Myers Elementary School: 16 percent or 81 students

North Salem High School: 50.5 percent or 805 students

Optimum Learning Environment Charter School: 13.1 percent or 17 students

Parrish Middle School: 29.4 percent or 187 students

Pringle Elementary School: 21.5 percent or 114 students

Richmond Elementary School: 26.8 percent or 98 students

Roberts High School: 78 percent or 177 students

Salem Heights Elementary School: 28.6 percent or 88 students

Schirle Elementary School: 21.6 percent or 87 students

Scott Elementary School: 29.7 percent or 181 students

South Salem High School: 37.6 percent or 650 students

Sprague High School: 33.1 percent or 520 students

Stephens Middle School: 27.2 percent or 287 students

Straub Middle School: 19.6 percent or 118 students

Sumpter Elementary School: 18.2 percent or 98 students

Swegle Elementary School: 20.6 percent or 106 students

Valley Inquiry Charter School: 19.8 percent or 32 students

Waldo Middle School: 22.9 percent or 213 students

Walker Middle School: 18.2 percent or 112 students

Washington Elementary School: 19.9 percent or 79 students

Weddle Elementary School: 21.6 percent or 91 students

West Salem High School: 32.9 percent or 553 students

Whiteaker Middle School: 15.1 percent or 115 students

Wright Elementary School: 19.1 percent or 74 students

Yoshikai Elementary School: 21 percent or 119 students