New study highlights why so many of Oregon’s superintendents of color are leaving

Guadalupe Guerrero, left, is superintendent of Portland Public Schools, and one of just nine school superintendents of color in the state. (Portland Bureau of Transportation/Flickr) Despite an increasingly diverse student population, leaders in Oregon’s school districts remain overwhelmingly white.  A new study set out to understand the challenges of school superintendents of[Read More…]

Legislators consider shielding school superintendents from rash school board actions

Salem-Keizer Superintendent Christy Perry, center, at a 2019 school board meeting. (Rachel Alexander/Salem Reporter) Leaders from the Coalition of Oregon School Administrators and the Oregon School Boards Association are asking legislators to protect superintendents from some firings and require greater oversight and training for those serving on school boards. The[Read More…]

Despite closing decades-long funding gaps, Oregon schools say they need more money

Maggie Rivera, community school outreach coordinator, greets students for the first day back to school at Richmond Elementary on Tuesday, March 2. (Amanda Loman/Salem Reporter) State school and education leaders said Tuesday that despite new data showing that decades of school funding gaps in the state have been nearly closed,[Read More…]