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AGENDA: Salem-Keizer board to vote on concealed weapons ban

The Salem-Keizer School Board will vote Tuesday on a policy banning concealed weapons from district schools. Currently, state law prohibits open carry of guns in public buildings, which includes schools, with exceptions for law enforcement officers. That law does not apply to those with concealed carry licenses who have concealed weapons.  The[Read More…]

AGENDA: Council to vote on manager pay raises

Salem city councilors will vote on pay increases for city department leaders at their Monday meeting. The council will consider adopting a salary schedule for city executives, replacing the current system which sets only a minimum and maximum pay amount, with salaries set by the city manager. Executives include the[Read More…]

City seeks nominations for volunteer awards

Do you know someone who’s made Salem a better place to live this year? The city of Salem wants your nominations for nine city volunteers honors that will be awarded later this year. They recognize people, groups and businesses that have made a difference in Salem in 2022. Awards include[Read More…]