Salem Reporter obtained through a public records request the list of over 1,600 books Oregon inmates aren’t allowed to get.

The books are a small fraction of publications mailed to prisoners. Over the past three years, the Oregon Department of Corrections reviewed more than 65,000 books sent to inmates and allowed 98% through, spokeswoman Jennifer Black said.

Yesterday, we published a story about the dozens of technology and programming books banned from state prisons over security concerns with an explanation of how the reviews are done.

The full list is here, but if you don’t want to wade through it all, here’s a selection of 10 other books you can’t read behind bars in Oregon.

Fight Club 2

Banned for: Sexually explicit material

Volumes 1 and 2 of the graphic novel sequel to Chuck Palahniuk’s cult classic are a no-go behind bars. Two other Palahniuk titles, “Beautiful You” and “Snuff,” also made the list.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

Banned for: Sexually explicit material

The Oxford University Press-published guide to transgender health and wellness includes sections on employment, disability, sexual health and medical transition with photos and diagrams.

White Riot: The Story of Combat 18

Banned for: Security threat group paraphernalia

This investigation of the rise of a paramilitary neo-Nazi group in Britain in the 1990s is among about 10 books banned for relating to “security threat groups,” more commonly called gangs. Also banned is “ICP Behind the Paint,” the autobiography of Insane Clown Posse rapper Joseph Bruce.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Banned for: Sexually explicit material

The bestselling erotic trilogy is a no-no in both English and Spanish. The unaffiliated title “Fifty Shades of Bondage and Submission” is also banned.

Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother and Other Botanical Atrocities

Banned for: Criminal activity/weapons

The botanical guide to more than 200 poisonous or dangerous plants didn’t make the cut. Three field guides to wild mushrooms are also banned.

How to Tame a Demon: A short practical guide to organized intimidation stalking, electronic torture, and mind control

Banned for: Material that threatens/clear and present danger

This is perhaps the most colorful how-to title banned from Oregon prisons, though far from the only one. Other prohibitions include “How To Disappear And Start A New Life,” “How To Fix Absolutely Anything” and “How To Make Friendship Bracelets.”

Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars

Banned for: Material that threatens

This combination cookbook and narrative from the lives of inmate cooks presents “a first-person, firsthand look inside prison life, a scared-straight reality to complement the offbeat recipes.”

The Color Atlas of Pediatrics

Banned for: Sexual acts involving minors

The atlas has more than 1,800 color photos to help professionals diagnose illnesses, conditions and disorders in children.

Amazing Cat Facts and Trivia

Banned for: Spiral metal binding

Several book bans have nothing to do with the material inside the book. Crossword puzzle books and origami instructional guides have all been prohibited because of metal binding, stickers or removable sheets of paper.

Growing Hemp For Profit

Banned for: Criminal activity/narcotics

From grow guides to encyclopedias detailing bud varieties, books related to marijuana and hemp production aren’t allowed.

READ: The full list of books banned from Oregon prisons and reasons books can be rejected. Note: Some titles are sexually explicit.

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