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Court dates in Marion County? Sign up for text alerts

7 months ago

UPDATED: Two shot in Four Corners area Wednesday, police investigating

Marion County deputies closed off the 4200 block of Durbin Avenue Southeast following a shooting Wednesday afternoon (Courtesy/Marion County Sheriff's Office)

Two people were shot in southeast Salem Wednesday afternoon, prompting a large police response and street closures.

The shooting was reported around 4:30 p.m. in the 4200 block of Durbin Avenue.

Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Jeremy Landers said both victims were transported to the hospital. He said he did not yet have information on their ages, medical condition or the nature of their injuries.

Police do not believe there is a danger to residents in the area, Landers said.

Landers said the street is closed as investigators process the scene.

Police respond to a shooting Wednesday, March 24, after two people were shot. (Photo courtesy of Marion Polk Crime, Traffic and Severe Weather Alerts)

Police respond to a shooting Wednesday, March 24, after two people were shot. (Photo courtesy of Marion Polk Crime, Traffic and Severe Weather Alerts)

-Rachel Alexander

7 months ago

Hundreds of trees planted in Salem last year before winter storm

A tree in Minto-Brown Island Park. (Saphara Harrell/Salem Reporter)

Salem’s Urban Forestry Division planted 265 trees last year, according to an annual tree report presented to Salem City Council Monday evening.

There were also hundreds more planted from two groups Salem contracts with to plant trees in parks and along streets.

The report didn’t take into account the damage from the Valentine’s Day weekend storm which downed thousands of trees.

Last year, nonprofit Friends of Trees planted 182 stock trees and 2,120 small stock trees, shrubs, and smaller plants in Salem parks and natural areas.

Treecology, which Salem contracts with to plant trees in road rights-of-way, planted 208 trees along streets last year.

Urban Forestry is responsible for tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, planting and all tree-related work in the city right-of-way and on city-owned property.

There is one urban forester and seven full time employees who inventoried nearly 15,000 trees, removed 286 and pruned more than 3,000.

Last year, the city released a Urban Tree Canopy Assessment, showing that each neighborhood saw tree canopy increases albeit at varying levels. It was part of a years-long effort to increase tree canopy in the city to 24%, up from 18% in 2010.

-Saphara Harrell

7 months ago

Reservations open for "recess" at Gilbert House Children's Museum

Gilbert House Children's Museum on Friday, March 12, 2020. (Amanda Loman/Salem Reporter)

Families looking for a new place to play can sign up now for a two-hour block of "recess" at Gilbert House Children's Museum.

After a year-long closure, the museum is reopening its newly renovated outdoor areas by appointment. Appointments beginning March 30 will allow visitors to experience Bill's Bubble House, a new exhibit in front of the museum's main house, as well as the new play structures on the museum's south side.

Admission is $5 per person for members or $7 per person for non-members. Masks are required for visitors age 5 and older.

Slots for March 30 are sold out, but space remains for sessions on March 31 and April 1, 6 and 7 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. To sign up or get more information, visit the Gilbert House website.

-Rachel Alexander

7 months ago

Court dates in Marion County? Sign up for text alerts

Marion County Courthouse (File/Salem Reporter)

Marion County residents with cases in circuit court can now sign up for reminders via text.

The new service will send text messages to defendants, petitioners, respondents, and others reminding them of court hearings and other changes to their cases. 

Launched by the Oregon Judicial Department, the service is intended to improve communications and reduce the frequency of people failing to appear in court, which can carry financial and legal consequences. The department has launched in “early adopter” counties that include Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson, Marion, Morrow and Umatilla. 

The text reminder service isn’t available for municipal or justice courts. Nor is it available for juvenile proceedings and civil commitment cases. Crime victims can use the service to participate in proceedings. 

People who want to use the service need to have a cellphone number on file and opt in to receive notifications. 

-Jake Thomas

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