Ezequiel, 23, takes a reporter on a tour of the MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility grounds. While he wishes he wasn't incarcerated, he credits Oregon Youth Authority for helping him figure out there is more to life than gangs and crime. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

Austin, 18, shows how he and other youth make pieces for a dog house as part of a partnership with Fences for Fido, a nonprofit that gives dog houses and builds fences to stop families from leaving their dogs chained up. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

London, 24, shows off a metal Christmas gift he made at the machine shop at MacLaren. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

Oregon Youth Authority brings in high-end equipment similar to what is found in machine shops around the state and trains the youth serving time there on them. The goal is to give the youth a leg up in getting a job after they are released back into society. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

Johnathan, 23, is one of the barbers at MacLaren's "Blended Barber College." He started cutting hair in 2014. He said he likes it because at the very lease, he can promise all the youth will leave looking better than when they came in. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

London shows a design for a bed he plans to make for his son. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

The trophy case at MacLaren. This winter, the institution restarted its high school basketball program which had long been on hiatus. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

Reporter Aubrey Wieber: [email protected] or 503-575-1251. 

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