Monica Ramirez, center, grabs stocks up on kitchenware for Mano a Mano during a Good360 giveaway on Jan. 22, 2020 (Rachel Alexander/Salem Reporter)

Here’s our Sunday Sampler to show you some of the stories that flowed from the staff of Salem Reporter in recent days.

Marion County says yes to continuing refugee resettlement

After talking with Salem and Keizer leaders, Marion County commissioners said the federal government can continue resettling refugees here. The decision may be moot after a federal judge ruled local jurisdictions don't have the authority to block resettlement.

What started as a way to keep Woodburn farmworkers informed has become a voice of the local Latino population

Radio Poder aims to inform and entertain Latino residents through daily radio programming that spans a 75-mile radius. The station is a continuation of a prior radio station with a smaller reach and a different license.

Why Salem leaders, weeks into a search for homeless shelters, walked away from new beds

Salem City Council had a plan teed up to bring 37 shelter beds to the city. But it sank Tuesday night due to a combination of frustrated neighbors and new insights from a homeless expert.

Local nonprofits stock the shelves with Amazon and Walmart leftovers

Surplus or damaged merchandise that would otherwise head to a landfill gets a new life through a United Way-led effort to connect Salem-area nonprofits, churches and schools with items they need.

Marion County fire district to ask taxpayers for higher levy, worth $6.7 million

With its existing levy expiring in June, Marion County Fire District No. 1 will ask voters in May for more funding. Fire officials say volunteers are dwindling as calls rise.

Salem-Keizer graduation rate hits high of 79%

Salem-Keizer leaders say strategies to get more students walking across the graduation stage are paying off. Students with disabilities, and black and Pacific Islander students all graduated in record numbers in 2019.

Meet the former NFL linebacker closing gaps for Salem-Keizer's black students

Dwight Roberson came to Oregon to play football for the Beavers. Now, he's a mentor Salem-Keizer leaders credit with significantly boosting the graduation rate for the district's black students.

Behind the jousting and teasing on Reel Film Snobs is a true love of movies

Reel Film Snobs has been airing since the “Spider-Man” starring Tobey Maguire hit the screen in 2002. Each week they review a handful of movies.

Petitioners promoting measure to limit self-checkout get nod from Oregon Supreme Court

A labor-backed measure to cap self-checkout stands to two per store is a step closer to going to voters.

Oregon Republicans and Democrats at odds over intent of legislative short session

Proponents say the short session is necessary to fix budget and respond to issues in a timely manner. Critics believe it’s morphed into something different than what was pitched to voters in 2010.


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