A World War II exhibit at the Capitol Galleria runs until Nov. 28. (Courtesy/Oregon State Capitol)

Visitors to Friday’s Tribute to Veterans at the Oregon State Capitol can see the presentation of the colors flag ceremony and listen to a choral performance. If they head further inside, they’ll be able to see a slice of World War II history.

Each year, the Oregon State Capitol Galleria includes an exhibit along with the annual Tribute to Veterans, which takes place at noon at the Capitol Rotunda.

This year, the exhibit tells the stories of Jewish service members in World War II. The exhibit is on display until Thursday, Nov. 28.

Stories from Holocaust survivors and World World II soldiers hang from panels attached to the  ceiling with tales of Oregonians that were involved. The testimonies were pulled from the archives of the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.

To supplement the panels, public outreach coordinator Stacy Nalley reached out to the Salem Veterans of Foreign Wars 661 Uniform Display Museum. The museum was able to find seven uniforms worn by Jewish soldiers in World War II.

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Nalley said one of the Capitol’s goals is to have different voices represented.

Like that of Enid Fisher, whose bomber jacket serves as a relic from her time as a Women Airforce Service pilot. Affixed to the left side is a cartoon woman with blue wings and a red top.

Fisher was one of 1,074 women to earn her wings during the WASP program.

One story recounts how Fisher was ferrying a B-17 when her male co-pilot shut off two of the four engines. He sat there as she battled to keep the plane at altitude. After 30 minutes the man turned the engines back on, telling Fisher he had lost a $100 bet that she wouldn’t be able to keep the plane level.

The exhibit is free and open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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