Police blocked off the West Salem Goodwill parking lot after an officer shot and killed a man inside on Sept. 18, 2019. (Saphara Harrell/Salem Reporter)

The Dallas man shot and killed inside a Salem Goodwill last month had a gun in his hand, aimed at an officer during a struggle before police fatally shot him in the face, according to police records released to Salem Reporter Thursday.

A police narcotics team planned to buy $200 worth of heroin from 43-year-old Scott Gabriel Spangler at the west Salem Goodwill the afternoon of Sept. 18, according to police records.

An officer chased Spangler into the business, pulled him to the ground by his jacket and tried to pin his arms to the floor. Spangler resisted and tried to lift a gun toward the officer, the records said.

Dallas Police told Salem Reporter on Tuesday that the .380-caliber Jennings pistol was loaded. The recently released police records said he had a magazine of ammunition in his pocket.

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Authorities earlier identified the officer who shot Spangler as Darren Buchholz, a Dallas police officer serving on the interagency drug team.

According to the records, Buchholz fired one shot.

On Oct. 3 a grand jury determined that Buchholz acted in self defense when he shot and killed Spangler.

Spangler had struggled with methamphetamine use and pleaded guilty to drug charges in the past, court records show.

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In 2015, Spangler shot himself in the chest with a pistol, according to court records. A little more than a month later, Buchholz arrested Spangler for illegally having a firearm.

During that arrest, Spangler encountered Buchholz, telling the officer that he had been depressed and his medications were off, according to court documents.

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