We Will Rock You is coming to the Elsinore Theatre Wednesday. (courtesy/ Randy Feere)

The music of Queen will reverberate inside the Elsinore on Wednesday when “We Will Rock You,” a musical based on the British rock band’s records, hits the stage.

Salem is one of the stops along the North American tour that began in September.

The musical follows a group of young people in the future on a quest to find music in a society that controls it. Cast member Kevin Doe, who plays Buddy, said the musical speaks to the present moment and political climate.

“Young people want to be heard, young people want to have a voice and express themselves,” Doe said.

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Doe’s character is as the emcee of the show, acting as a bridge between the performers and the audience. He said people’s engagement shows the power of Queen’s music.

Audiences just start singing before we even get the chance to sing our songs,” Doe said. “The first time it happened it kind of threw us off.”

He said kids and grandparents alike will be singing along with the cast members.

“It’s cute and it’s really endearing,” Doe said.

“We Will Rock You” first debuted in 2002. However, its recent American tour kicked off after the success of last year’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The Queen biopic grossed more than $900 million at the box office.

Doe said the references and harmonies have been updated. For the North American tour, musical director Stuart Morley created a new score.

“When the musical was originally written they wrote harmonies in,” Doe said. “Morley updated them by listening to Freddie Mercury’s studio recordings.”

Brian May, Queen’s lead guitarist, has been involved in the production.

“It’s cool that we’re working with these rock legends on this show,” Doe said.

Doe said audiences should expect both a comedy show and rock concert.

“They should not be afraid to jump in and sing and dance,” he said. 

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