McKay Park is getting new playground equipment this year. (Saphara Harrell/ Salem Reporter)

When it came to McKay Park, Carol Snyder said she knew there was a lot of work to be done.

To help, she and the Salem Parks Foundation raised $96,000 to buy new playground equipment, giving kids in northeast Salem a new place to play.

Sprucing up the playground is overdue, said Snyder, president of the foundation. She noted most of the decades-old playground equipment has been removed. The two pieces that remain – a play structure and a set of toddler swings -- were becoming derelict.

“We just noticed that McKay Park was deteriorating and deteriorating and deteriorating,” she said.


It was two years ago when Snyder went to Salem City Council and offered a deal: if the city would budget money for site preparation, the parks foundation would raise money for the playground equipment.

Those dollars bought two sets of swings, a large play structure, and a smaller piece of equipment for younger kids. The money also helped pay for installation.

On Thursday, the city broke ground.

Combined with the foundation’s new money, the city budgeted $82,000 for the excavation and site preparation for the new playground equipment, city documents show.

The new playground will be moved to a flatter location, because the current area isn’t ADA complaint.

Snyder said the playground -- located on 2755 Hollywood Dr. N.E. -- should be ready to play on by the fall. 

McKay Park is getting new playground equipment this fall. (Saphara Harrell/Salem Reporter)

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