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Salem schools tackle high student absenteeism

Emily Hicks, a communications coordinator for Salem-Keizer schools, hands a refrigerator magnet to track student attendance to an Auburn Elementary family at a school kick-off event Tuesday, Sept. 5 (Salem Reporter/Rachel Alexander). As the school year kicks off, Salem-Keizer is sending a simple message to students and parents: show up.[Read More…]


Experienced journalists start at Salem Reporter

The news staff of the all-new Salem Reporter – Rachel Alexander, Troy Brynelson, and Aubrey Wieber. They are making requests for government records. They are setting up appointments with key public officials. And they’re discussing how to reach out to Salem citizens to get acquainted. That was the first day[Read More…]


Groundbreaking news source starts in Salem

An innovative news source providing accurate in-depth and enterprising local coverage online is coming to Salem in September. Salem Reporter, locally owned and managed, will provide readers a mix of investigative reports, clear and compelling coverage of local government, and insights into the people who hold power in the Salem[Read More…]


Who is behind Salem Reporter?

Salem Reporter is a web-based news organization focused exclusively on reporting in the Salem area. Its team of experienced journalists will delve into local government, schools, business, nonprofits, and state government. Salem Reporter also will give the community unmatched coverage of major breaking news events, aiming to be the “go[Read More…]

Larry Tokarski, co-founder, is a Salem businessman

Lawrence E. Tokarski (Larry) is president of Mountain West Investment Corporation.  He was born in Hamtramck, Michigan, and attended Catholic schools for 12 years.  He graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Business Administration.  He worked four years for Shell Oil Company doing marketing in the Willamette Valley.[Read More…]